Automotive Shop Equipment Features

The difference between a mechanic shop and an automotive shop is often illustrated by the types of tools and equipment that are found in each. Mechanics' shops usually only stock basic repair and maintenance tools and do not offer specialty tools like floor jacks, air compressors, or motorcycle lifts. Automotive shops on the other hand specialize in the repair of specific vehicles, which requires the use of more sophisticated repair tools. Here are a few tools and equipment common in both types of shops.

One way to differentiate an auto repair shop from an automotive shop is by the type of flooring they use. In an auto shop, the floor is usually covered with an area rug or carpeting. This helps to limit the amount of foot traffic on the floor, as well as protect the floor from spills and the wear and tear of various automobile parts and accessories. Carpeting is also an important element in preventing dangerous emissions from building up, as well as limiting access to specific auto repair shops by wheelchair or mobility-impaired customers.

The tools and equipment commonly used in auto repair shops include air compressors, pipe benders, oil filter crushers, and bench presses. All three tools are essential for performing all but the most basic repairs. Carpeting is also important for protecting the floor and for making the work area neater and more hygienic. Go to website to get the best automotive shop.

Another important characteristic of auto repair and maintenance equipment is the presence of spray wash cabinets and spray gun mounts. Both are essential for cleaning lubricant, fluid, and other fluids from components. Spray guns mount on the ceiling and are used to spray warm, soapy water on components that tend to accumulate dirt and debris over time. A typical shop equipment pantry includes a large refrigerator and a small countertop for additional storage. Other features include water dispensers and ice packs.

Another important feature found in automotive repair and maintenance equipment is the presence of high-quality transmission jacks. Transmission jacks are essential to properly maintaining a vehicle's transmission, which is typically an extremely vital component. Because transmission jacks are commonly installed on motorcycle lifts, they too are a vital feature. A good motorcycle lift must include safety mechanisms such as automatic and manual transmission lockable pedals, as well as foot-threshold security. Find more information about the automotive shop here.

Lastly, all automotive shop equipment needs to contain oil drains and oil filters. Oil drains and filters, as well as transmission jacks and other equipment, are used to drain off excess oil, as well as preventing the formation of dangerous gunk that can form when transmission fluids dry out. Properly designed oil filters and drains are an essential part of an overall system that works to prevent catastrophic service events such as fire accidents. A shop that does not properly maintain its transmission jacks, pump, and oil filters may be putting itself at risk, and may even be liable for injury or accident-related damages. Get more details about this topic here:

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